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Tour guide is not just a job. This is passion for life. When you arrive in a new city, of course, you can walk independently. But you can miss a lot of interesting and important things. Sometimes tourists say: “I was in Kiev many times, but only city tour helped me to understand many things”.

My knowledge and understanding of the city is still going on, despite the fact that I started to work as tour guide in 2003. As a proverb stated, you can’t step twice into the same river. The same you can’t come twice in the same city. After all, we are witnessing city changes. Sometimes I hear: «Don’t you get tired of your job? You have to talk the same things many times”. I always answer: “No, I am not bored, because I don’t say the same text every time. Of course, each city tour contains basic information, but we can always witness new things and events. A lot of activities are happening in the city every day.

In 2002 I graduated from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” with MA in History. Then I finished the courses of guide-interpreters. I’ve been working as tour guide in Kiev since 2003. I also have experience of work as tour leader around Ukraine, Poland, Check Republic. I am a member of the Kiev League of tour guides and speak English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I’ll do my best to acquaint you with the memorials of the past as well as modern life in Kiev and Ukraine.


You can contact me by:
E-mail: guide.kiev.ukraine@gmail.com
Skype: elena.goncharuk78
Phone: +38 067 768 61 47
Phone: +38 044 542-37-88

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  • Тел.: +38 (044) 542-37-88,
  • моб. +38 (067) 768-61-47
  • E-mail: elena_goncharuk@ukr.net